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Responsive imageThe Helicopter Autorotation - For some an autorotation is a fun and exciting maneuver. For others when you say, "autorotation" a shiver runs down their spine. The fact is, autorotations are an art. More

Commercial Helicopter Add-on to Airplane Private? - YES, you can and you should; it's the best spent money in flight training and an excellent method to reducing your training cost by thousands of dollars. Some say you can't do it, but they are dead wrong, you can! More

Hot Fueling Helicopters, is it safe? - In a piston helicopter definately not, and in a turbine only maybe. There are many important factors that need to be considered. Some FBOs' don't allow it at all, and some will hot fuel any helicopter. More

Responsive imageTurbine Transition Training - Most commercial operators require turbine experience. How do you get it, do you really need it? Learn the differences and what's important. Is it wise to get it flying left seat while someone else really does the flying? More

Oil Levels and Consumption, where should they be? - Does the full level indication mean anything on aircraft? Many think not, but they're wrong! Aircraft don't just find their favorite level and stay there. More

Aviation Accidents, what to do if you have one - There'll be pressure from everyone for an immediate statement. Protect yourself, get to a safe area and say nothing to anyone until you collect your thoughts! More

Are you flying low on fuel? - Does your instructor joke about the next autorotation possibly becoming the real thing? Don't put yourself in a dangerous situation and accept such foolishness as necessary to get where you want to be. More

Are you burning your hard earned dollars solo? - Are there better ways to maximize your flight training funds? Yes there are! Flight training costs to much to simply pump your hard earned funds into the bank account of a flight school giving you bad advice. More

The Built-in Fudge Factor - I guess I've heard pilots mention this as long as I've been flying. But the other day, while talking to a HEMS pilot, he mentioned it. Is there really a built-in fudge factor? More

Flight training risk management - Accidents are more frequent in the training environment than any other operation. There are methods to reduce the risks associated with flight training. Make your students as safe as you can. More

LTE, LPE and Critical Wind - Pedal turns; which direction is the safest? Probably not what you think. Loss of Tailrotor Effectiveness or Loss of Pilot Effectiveness? What about the Critical Wind Azimuth? More

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Drones and FAA Negligence - Drone close calls to manned aircraft rapidly increasing in frequency. Families get ready to sue the FAA for they are negligent. Fatalities are coming. They thought a registration program would do something? Despite the number of industry professionals involved, common sense was absent; comparing UAVs to bird strikes? Ignorant; birds try to avoid aircraft, drones don't... More

HEMS fix stage two, the RA - The FAA has outdone themselves with their HEMS regulations, bewildered, they watch as accidents continue... More

Why are helicopter pilot salaries so low? - There are many possible reasons... Compared to their fixed wing counterparts many helicopter pilots seriously lack professionalism. Another issue is the willingness of operators to put inexperienced pilots at the controls... More

The FAA fails General Aviation - Looking to justify their existence, they'll take your certificate, your airworthiness, and even let your local airport close. They'll do anything for a feather, and nothing to protect aviation. They are not there for you, anything but... More

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