Drones and the Incompetent FAA

Drones and the Negligent and Incompetent FAA

People get ready to Sue the FAA

Never has a government agency been more negligent and incompetent the the FAA has when it comes to controlling drones when they are exploding in popularity, and with obvious and increasing danger to manned aircraft. Get ready to sue because it is only a matter of time before someone gets killed as a result of the FAA's lack of acting promptly and responsibly.

Several months have passed since the Drone Registration requirement was passed by the FAA, and nothing has changed. The FAA was stupid enough to think that requiring registration would actually make the common person comply. When the common person don't know where the airport or hospital heli-port is, much less what 400-feet is, or care about what the FAA says about line-of-sight. The majority of people flying them are doing so illegally with increasing frequency and danger to manned aircraft while the FAA does what they are best at, NOTHING. The only thing important to the FAA is their ego.

The peoples right to privacy

Neither the FAA nor your local law enforcement think you have a right to privacy, and the FAA don't care. Some state governments have taken action as a result of the FAA's failure by passing laws regarding privacy etc. The FAA on the other hand boasts about being the ultimate authority regarding aircraft and airspace, but they haven't acted inteligently nor responsibly when it comes to Drones.

Today, 11/21/15, the final Drone registration requirement has been issued. Despite the number of industry professionals involved, not to my surprise, they overlooked COMMON SENSE, wow, how could that be. Some compared the dangers of UAVs to bird strikes; HOW RETARDED; birds naturally try to avoid aircraft, drones (UAVs) don't. Others stated that since UAV operators can't operate over people the risk to people is low. Again I say how stupid can these people be? Every UAV I have seen was being operated over gatherings of people filming the events. Neither this group of people involved, nor the FAA engaged common sense in this consideration. Yet another issue is the requirement to operate below 400 feet and within the line of sight. Evey operator I have talked to has made some boast about how high and how far away they could fly their drone (UAV). One stated to me that he had flown as high as 1,600 feet, and two miles away. When I asked about the possiblity of losing the aircraft, he stated that it will always come home. The FAA is in charge of something that they will wait to properly control until there are deaths, and deaths there will be.

So here we go now with a proposed mandatory registration of all so called Drones. I support a required registration of all drones (UAVs) that will be used anywhere except at an airfield designed for the same. However, to require even those who act responsible enough to utilize them only at those airfields, is unnecessary, and should not happen. So, the FAA in its infinite wisdom has formed a task force to waste taxpayer money because they can't do their own job. Imagine that, a completely incompetent FAA. They couldn't manage Flight Service, and pawned it off on Lockheed Martin, and it hasn't been worth a crap since, now they're going to pawn off drone responsibility. The FAA should be held accountable for their incompetence above all else. Maybe then they would tighten up just a little.

Drones have been around for a long time, but with modern technology which enhances stability, there is no longer any actual skill needed to fly one. Also, as with any other technology, they rapidily become cheaper over time so now virtually anyone can aford one. The FAA as great as they are in their own mind, are years behind. As usuall, the FAA is doing nothing. See this document on exactly what the FAA does say about drones. Note especially page 13, the second full paragraph where the FAA states, that they expect operators to abide by the "long standing rule". You think the FAA isn't stupid? They are so gullible as to really think that the idiots buying and operating drones actually know that AC 91-57 exists, much less that they really give a shit or have actually read it! The FAA is just waiting for accidents to occur, and they will.

Drones are so common, we now encounter them and the people operating them on a regular basis. Most of the operators have been boastful about operating them illegally, at high altitudes and far beyond sight. No one I have talked to actually believes they can be a threat to a manned aircraft. Even the ATF and law enforcement in general are years behind drone technology. Drones are a real threat to general safety, and our overpowered and irresponsible government agencies need to stop dragging their feet and step up and do something. If there was a way to build their egos in this, it would have been done as quick as the Ruby Ridge and Waco murders were.

The FAA has better things to do than address a real safety issue. Yes, they do! They have to justify their existence by trying to violate people who are just trying to do their job. You know, it's kind of like why Police departments set up prostitution stings, thay way they don't have to work at their job. The FAA is similar; it is easier to boast about their name on airworthiness certificates and show off their names in Operations Specifications. Oh it sounds like I am making that up I know, but, I have had inspectors do that very thing.

Meanwhile... People are taking their drones out to accidents sites, fire sites, filming near hospitals and airports, and countless other negligent activities, all while the FAA does their usual NOTHING. Helicopters have been unable to land at accidents, and fire fighting aircraft have been unable to fly because of the Drone hazzard.

Commercial companies such as Amazon want the right to buzz everyones property between 200 and 400 feet. If they are given permission to do, so can your neighbor spy on you and your daughter in that same airspace. What is the worst of all is that this is just the beginning. Any moron can purchase and fly a drone with minimal investment, no brains, and no training. All this in a society that is becoming dumber all the time. This is reflected more and more in the FAA.

What should occur and does not?

  • Every drone purchased should inlude a copy of the regulations pertaining to their use.
  • Every drone that will be used anywhere except at a model aircraft designated area should have to be equiped with an altimeter because none of these idiots knows what 400 feet is.
  • Every drone that will be used anywhere except at a model aircraft designated area should have to be registered, and the person operating it should have to obtain a certificate of some kind.
  • If the drone will be operated out of the line of sight, then it should be equiped with a transponder.
  • When someone is caught operating a drone illegally or negligently, they should be fined enough that they won't ever be able to afford a drone in the future.

But, what the FAA will do is what they always do, nothing. That is not until there are accidents and the NTSB makes a bunch of noise, then as always they will do some things that they should have done in the beginning, and a bunch of stupid stuff because that is what the FAA always does. That is the FAA. END Jump to Top